About Me

Name: Adaku (means Riches or Keeper of Wealth in Nigerian hence the online name Richess)
Sex: Female
B-Day: 08/28
Pet: A kitty named Spike
Favourite Shows: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Nikita, The Invisible Man
Favourite Actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar & Marlena Dietrich
Favourite Actor: James Marsters
Favourite Singers: Christina Aguilera, Otis Redding, Sade
Favourite Band: Linkin Park, Zero 7, Nickelback
Best Music In The World: Dance/Pop/House & R&B
Favourite Sayings: Friends f&%$ friends (take that anyway you want)
Pet Peeves: People who can't make a decision and people who bid 6 days before the end of any e-bay auction.
Looking Forward To: CUBA 2005 and any BTVS/ATS convention
Things I like to do: Design websites, sleep, dream about winning the lottery, listening to Simon Cowell tell people how bad they sound (99.9999% of the time he's right) and travelling.

Great Moments:
SC3 (Sunnydale Central 3) A super amazing con that had the amazing Clare, James, Jonathon and Jim as guests. And the ever lovely gracious and sweet people of OBAVA (too many to list individually). And Froggy my Karoake in Crime partner!
Meeting all all of the super nice, beautiful and sincere people at Tampa Vulcon.  One day I will take the time to list the VAST amount of names I must list.  Meeting Lisa, Jill and of course all of Spike's Hunnies (Hilary, Py, Kristin & Me) in the same place was great!


Live Journal (that I like never post in) Username: Richess

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