SFX 2004

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She's gorgeous! She's sweet! She's Julie Benz a.k.a. Darla from BTVS & Angel

She's loved playing Darla. Thought the Save Angel campaign was amazing! And she used to be a figure skate.

Robia LaMorte a.k.a Jenny Calender (BTVS) and Mercedes McNabb a.k.a Harmony Kendall (BTVS & Angel)

On to the serious side of things. That didn't last long. Robia did let us know that it was extremely hard playing The First in season 3 because of her personal beliefs. But that she did love the idea of the show being about strong a female character and that she loved playing Jenny because she always kind of got to one up Anthony Stweart Head a.k.a Rupert Giles on there trading quips.

Did someone ask Mercedes about doing love scene's with James??!!??!! What a smile ;-) . She mentioned that he's a very giving actor and that doing the post coitial scene with Adam Baldwin was kind of weird cause he has kids her age.

More pics to come...