Sunnydale Central 2004

All pictures were taken by Richess


NONE of these picture maybe used elsewhere on the internet or otherwise without my express permission.

ONLY EXCEPTION:  if you are in the picture itself then you can use it for what ever purpose you see fit.

Richess & 2003



Sasha's amazing Blood Ties Glory Figure!

The ever beautiful Clare Kramer aka Glory adore's Sasha's gorgeous Glory figure at the Friday night reception.


Jonathon Woodward a.k.a Knox (Angel), a.k.a Holden Webster (BTVS) & a.k.a Tracey (Firefly)

Jonathon was extremely adorable and told us about a nice little gyno examine that he received from Acamedy Award winner Emma Thompson.

Talking about The Church of These 11 Fingers.

A fellow Virgo letting us know how she actually got to do one of the coolest stunts in the Season 5 finale. Cause yes people it was actually here that was hit with the gaint crane ball thingy (you love my techinal speak right ;-). She said she loved doing that stunt and that she does alot of her own stunts especially in Skulls 3.

Clare and Jonathon having fun :).

Now seriously talking!

Jim, Clare and Jonathon reliving there most embarassing audition moments.

Gorgeous peeps!

More pics to come...